Holistic TypeScript is a book available to buy on Amazon, that cover all TypeScript's features from its inception to version 4.0. This is the second edition with 100% more pages than the first edition and 70% more examples!

What is inside?

Before jumping in the features, the book introduces TypeScript, describe the philosophy behind the language, dress an analysis that compares TypeScript vs Flow and gives you an arsenal of reasons to use TypeScript in any of your web projects.



One of the first chapters covers how to configure TypeScript Transpiler and then the book tackles every possible feature of TypeScript. How to define a variable to how to make your code generic is cover. Usage of the union, intersection, type narrowing and more are all covered.


Why this book?

Holistic TypeScript covers all features. The first edition is released on April 16th and touches everything up to the latest version 4.0. The book gives you an insight into valuable elements of the language with examples to master typing your code even if you never used TypeScript. However, if you have experience with TypeScript, this book can serve as a reference guide and deepen your knowledge.


Who I Am?

Patrick Desjardins is a senior software engineer at Netflix and a former senior software engineer at Microsoft who worked on MSDN, Visual Studio Online, and Microsoft Teams. Patrick is an author of many books, a creator of several online classes, an inventor with several patents, and an international speaker on web technologies.


Time to buy

The book is available in English worldwide on Amazon.